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Leverage the world's largest curated list of VIP experiences and monetize your network with attractive commissions.

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We make it easy to track all your referrals - both users and reservations. We supply both easy-to-use links and invite codes, so that no matter how your referral signs up, it will be attributed to you.

Largest selection

InList offers the largest selection of curated experiences & events of any app that offers an affiliate program, which means more opportunities to monetize your referrals.

Highest commissions

All affiliates receive a 50% commission of InList's booking fee/commission, for 2 years from the date the referral signs up. For larger ticket items, this can quickly add up.

Quick & Easy Payments

InList will send your payment within 24 hours of the event/experience's occurrence. Easily view accumulated referrals and bookings, along with their statuses, any time from mobile or web.

Dedicated support

Our team is available around the clock to assist not just you but also your referrals in whatever they may require. Refer with confidence.


Greatest Experiences for
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Available in over 45 cities across the globe, InList offers users a unique platform for booking curated restaurants, day & night life, concerts, sports, red carpet events, wellness, fitness and so much more.

Why InList?

InList is the world's most popular experiences mobile application today with over 153,000 users and an average of 200 new users per day. Expand your reach and market your event for free to our social network of dedicated followers on Facebook and Instagram. Get the word out to our members and get included in our monthly newsletter at no extra const.

How does it work?

InList's platform allow users to book your events directly from the palm of their hand. For hosts, InList's booking fee is deducted from the event total and the host may elect to absorb this cost or pass the fee to the customer. Once the event takes place, payment is issued to the host. Hosts may choose for guests to pay in-app or upon arrival directly to the host. Sign up now and all booking fees will be waived for the first 6 months of joining, as COVID-19 relief.

How become an affiliate


Register to become an affiliate in minutes on the website (here) or the mobile app. Tell us your tax status, and how you'd like to get paid.


You'll be assigned an initial invite code, but you can also create new invite codes and invite links within the app at any time.


View detailed analytics and graphs on the website, including all referrals you've made and their payment status.


Do I need to have a us business?

No, but you must complete a short tax questionnaire before we are able to issue payment.

Do I need insurance?

We do not have such a requirement at this time; but depending on the activity your state or local ordinance may have other requirements. Make sure to check with your state and local guidelines for me information.

How fast can I get paid?

You can configure your experience to either be paid in-app or upon guest arrival. When paid in app, funds are paid to your within 24 hours of the experience occurrence.