Nomad Wednesdays
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Location Villa Azur Restaurant & Lounge / Miami Beach / USA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment




Embark on a Cultural Journey Rich in Flavors, Music and Artistic Expression

Villa Azur, one of South Beach’s most enduring restaurants known for its exceptional cuisine, stunning interior, and commitment to creating lasting memories, has a new sharing dinner experience that promises to transport guests into a world of cultural exploration and artistic expression.

With a remarkable 12 years of providing unparalleled dining experiences and culinary excellence, Villa Azur is excited to introduce this recurring dinner every Wednesday. Nomad’s immersive experience is designed to captivate all the senses with music, entertainment and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on each guest.

“We, at Villa Azur, believe in more than just serving exceptional cuisine; it's about crafting memorable experiences that linger in the hearts of our guests. We have been committed to continually surprising and delighting our patrons with fresh experiences for almost 12 years., From innovative dishes to captivating entertainment, our focus remains ensuring every visit is filled with excitement and new discoveries.”

Nomad’s menu, created by Executive Chef Vincent Catala, exclusively available on Wednesdays, will include shareable plates inspired by the rich flavors and diversity of cultures in the Mediterranean. Guests can expect traditional options such as the Villa Azur Mezze, featuring Labneh, Spicy Hummus, Zaalouk, Baba Ganoush, Shakshouka and Crispy Zaatar Pita ($25), Chicken Tajine featuring slow-cooked Lemon-Preserved Chicken, Green Olives, and Caramelized Onions ($27), or Couscous with Rose Harissa - chef’s secret recipe - topped with a choice of Chicken, Lamb, and/or Brisket (starting at $45). For a sweet finish, guests can enjoy Baked Honey and Nuts Baklava with Lemon Labneh ($14) or other dessert options.

Villa Azur goes beyond traditional dining by offering live entertainment that complements the ambiance, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Guests will experience live performance by a guest DJ Yacine, hailing from renowned establishments including Cipriani NYC and Faena, who will set the mood with a curated selection of beats. To further the experience, guests will be treated to the mesmerizing artistry of live acts as the fire performance adding artistic flair to the evening, and hookahs.

Nomad is not just a dining experience; it's a journey into the heart of the Mediterranean, where flavors, music, and art come together to create a night like no other. Villa Azur remains committed to surprising and delighting guests with fresh and innovative experiences, ensuring that each visit is filled with excitement and new discoveries.


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